Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Translation of St Dominic - 24 May

The feast of St Dominic is kept on 8 August but in many parts of the Order today is also an important liturgical celebration in his honour. This memorial celebrates the first translation of the remains of St Dominic who had been buried in the church of St Nicholas of the Vineyards in Bologna. Many people were healed at his tomb and yet his brethren were reluctant to acknowledge these miracles. Finally, at the urging of Pope Gregory IX, Dominic's remains were removed to a marble sepulchre. This translation took place on Pentecost Tuesday, 24 May 1233, and marked the beginning of the canonization process. When that process was completed the same Gregory IX canonized Dominic on 3 July 1234. In 1267 Dominic's remains were moved again, to his present tomb in the same church that was eventually re-named San Domenico di Bologna.

You will find homilies for the feast of St Dominic here and here.

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