Monday, 26 February 2018

Lent Week 2 Monday

Readings: Daniel 9:4-10; Psalm 78; Luke 6:36-38

We are still in that first part of Lent where the liturgy speaks of conversion from our sins and returning to the Lord, about the works of Lent, prayer, fasting and alms-giving. Once again we are reminded that these are not three independent activities but that each is involved in the other two.

What is added today is a reference to the measure by which we want to be measured in regard to these things, our relationship with ourselves, with others and with God. Jesus implies that we are free to choose this measure, reminding us that what we become accustomed to as counting for justice and compassion will also become our criterion for receiving the justice and compassion of God. Of course in relation to ourselves and in our dealings with God we will want to be dealt with according to the divine measure. The question is whether we manage to use the same measure in our dealings with others, forgiving as we have been forgiven, showing compassion as we have received compassion, etc.

So we are free to choose. But there is also God's proposal of a measure, in the Law and the teachings of the prophets and above all, now, in the teaching and life of Jesus. This is the measure God offers us, the translation into human relationships and affairs of the divine mercy.

So that's the thought for today, the measure by which we will be measured. We are free to choose it. It will then become our capacity for receiving as much as for giving compassion. The measure proposed to us by the Law, the Prophets, and the Messiah is the one that promises greatest freedom for it asks us to be compassionate as our Heavenly Father is compassionate.

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